The second edition of “Multhaqal Buhoos” Academic Conference organised by Ma’din Sadath Academy was concluded. Ma’din Chairman Sayyid Ibrahim Khaleel Al Bukhari inaugurated the three-day event titled ‘Roots and Horizons of Islamic History’. In the inaugural adress he said: “In the modern era, where histories are being distorted for narrow interests, real history should be obtained from authentic sources and research students should pay more attention to deep studies in the field of history”. About fifteen sessions were held on different topics like Islamic Khilapha, Indian Muslim History, Kerala Muslim Tradition, Chronological Studies, Diversity in Historical Texts etc.

A two-day history seminar organized as part of the conference featured research papers presented by Sadath students on ancient Islamic scholars. Sayyid Muhammad Farooq Jamalullaili, Sayyid Ahmadul Kabeer Al Bukhari, Ibrahim Baqavi Melmuri, Sulaiman Faizi Kizhishery, Abubacker Ahsani Parapur, Abdul Gafoor Saquafi Kavannur, Naufal Master Kodur, Saithalavi Sa’di Peringaavu, Dulfukhar Ali Saquafi Melmuri, Aslam Saquafi Monniyur, Ahmad Kamil Saquafi Mambheethi, Fadl Adani Kannamangalam led various sessions.

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