Ma’din Chairman Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleel Al Bukhari launched the Sabeelul Falah Adkar App which was prepared by the students of Ma’din Sadath Academy and organized in a very useful way for the believers.

Dhikrs and Duas in special occasions and days such as Beginning of the year, the first ten days of Muharram, ten days of Bara’at, Ramadan, Dhul-Hijjah, end of the year, Adkar of marriage, housewarming, childbirth, travel,vithriyya,mudhriyya, muhammadiyya, burdha, mahlarathul badhriyya,tha’jeelulfuthooh, Dala’ilul Khairat, Tawassuls, Salats, Famous Qasveedahs, Mawlids, Counter, and many more icons are arranged in this app in an attractive style and prompt directions for the reciters. Apart from that, there are separate icons for the five early and post-prayer adkars included in the app. All works including typesetting and layout were done by the students of Ma’din Sadath Academy, where only the children from Sadath Families study. A two-year effort was made to create such a platform using the breaks between studies and especially the time of Corona outbreak . The app was Designed by Sayyid Mushtaq Bafaqi, a resident of Ramanatukara Ajmer Gate. The app is available in Google Play store and can be downloaded for any android devices, and the version for apple devices will be updated soon.

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