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About Us

About Us

We are dedicated to equipping the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, with the knowledge, skills, and spiritual depth needed to be the torchbearers of our society. Established in 2016, we have been on a transformative journey, emphasizing the profound importance of theology and spirituality in our modern world.

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Our Vision

Sayyids, the cherished descendants of the Prophet, are considered the fragrant flowers of society. Their potential to become religious scholars is a valuable resource, benefiting the entire community. We firmly believe that by nurturing their special qualities, we can create leaders who will contribute to the betterment of our society and the world at large.

About Us

Academic Excellence

Our distinctive college offers a comprehensive educational experience. We provide a unique blend of religious and worldly courses, catering to the intellectual and practical needs of our students. Through our meticulous tutorial systems, we ensure close academic supervision and personalized support for every student, fostering an environment of growth and learning.

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Unlocking Knowledge Horizons: Join us for an enlightening session with our esteemed faculties at Sadath Academy, where education meets inspiration. Discover the transformative power of integrated studies and embark on a journey of limitless learning.

Sayyid Muhammed Farook Jamalullaili


Hafiz Sayyid Ahmad Kabeer Al Bukhari


Frequently asked questions

Discover answers to common queries about our unique academic structure and programs

Is there an option for post-graduate studies?2023-11-07T11:30:03+05:30

Yes, Ma’din Kulliyya of Islamic Sciences offers dedicated post-graduate programs (PG 1 & 2). Here, students can specialize in various areas of Islamic studies and theology, conducting extensive research and contributing to the field of religious scholarship.

What specialization options are available in the post-graduate program?2023-11-07T11:20:18+05:30

The post-graduate program allows students to specialize in various areas of Islamic studies and theology, enabling in-depth research and contributions to the field of religious scholarship.

What is the duration of the academic program at Ma’din Sadath Academy?2023-11-07T11:21:15+05:30

The program offers a comprehensive 7 and 8-year educational journey.

What is the Dual Degree System?2023-11-07T11:22:22+05:30

Graduates receive both a Moulavi Falil Adany from Ma’din Academy and a Graduation and Post-Graduation degree from a UGC-approved state or central university, enhancing their credentials and opportunities.

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